What can be obtained through fake ID?

Jacky and Michelle are both first-year college students. They met with Lucy, an alumna and executive at a top technology company in California. They asked Lucy what was the most important thing that happened in your college life. Lucy said it was when she made a fake ID to do something she was really interested in.

I had the opportunity to choose student clubs that I was really interested in. For example, the basketball club. I regret using my college time to join some student clubs that were related to my career. Because after I started working, I had a lot of time to meet business people. But the thing is, after you leave college, it’s hard to meet real people without assessing too many interests. I only had one or two really good friends. They were met during my college life. The basketball club. We girls had a lot of fun together. We can talk about anything. We liked to drink and talk because we all had the same practical interests. But after I left college, I never met any real friends. People will evaluate what you can trade for the benefits of being in the adult world.

The second thing is that you have enough time to enjoy yourself in college. For example, my first and second years in college, I had parties and trips almost every year. But when you start working, you don’t have much time to enjoy yourself. After you get married and have kids, you’ll have even less time to enjoy yourself. Of course, after you graduate from college, you won’t have a whole year to party and travel.

When you were a freshman or sophomore, how did you buy drinks and get into bars? We wanted to do the same thing with our friends. Oh, I was going to wait until I was 21. But one of my best friends told me I’d have to get an A3fake ID to do that, and she said, “Your college years are precious. It only happens once in a lifetime, and you’ll never get it back. You don’t just do the study and get a job thing, you’ll regret it later. You should hang out with us and treat yourself well. That’s why I made a fake ID. I wanted to be myself. Now I’m satisfied with my college life and time. I can take my work and life more seriously.
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