What are the top 5 things to look for when buying an ID online?

meet your deamnds on the uses. We describe 5 things to consider when looking for an ID perfectly done.

In this article we’ll talk about what to look for when buying it and what you need to consider when evaluating the most important elements of an ID online order.

Of course, choosing which state you need is a highly personal decision. As you think about the different aspects of the uses,such as bar, renting an apartment, rank their level of importance to your needs and then decide which are negotiable and which are fixed.

Top 5 Things to look for:   

★ Card Quality

★ Price

★ Delivery Time

★ How You Pay

★ Potential Risk  

Card Quality

First-Time ID Buyer? If you’re a first-time buyer, explore your options what they have to offer.

There are options such as identical cards, good looking card, cards that can be scanned, and with all counterfeit features. So make your decision based on your purposes of getting an ID or driver license.

Normal cards: looks the same, but won’t work to scan.

Legit cards: Ideticanl to real thing, it scans, can pass black UV light test, and bendable.

Photo Scan copy: Not solid phycical cards delivery, just a photo of it for online verifications purposes.

Phyical Card: Suggest buy Legit cards+ Shipped to door in hard copies.  

Having troubles to tell which IDs are legit or cheap quality? You can google the details and terms to figure out while referring to the list below.

  • Holograms Laminate
  • Laser Perforation
  • Laser Embossing
  • UV Imagery
  • Scan or Not


Based on the marekt lead , mostly of them would offer $120 at present, but quite suspicious if they do very low prices, since it won’t be able to covere the handling cost itself.

Here we are , get an example of based on the market offer!

★ 1 unit = 250 USD per unit (No discount)

★ 2-4 units = 190 USD per unit (23% discount)

★ 5-9 units = 150 USD per unit (40% Discount)

★ 10+ units = 120 USD per unit (50% discount)

As you can see, the more units the customer purchases, the lower the unit price.

Delivery Time

When you’re checking out the lead time, make sure everything’s in your desired order:

It may seem a little frustrating, but if you’re seriously considering buying an ID quickly delivered, you’ll want to make sure there are no surprises after you move in.

The delivery time varies from seller to seller. Most websites can take up to a month. Only a few of them can do like 7-days by DHL priority express. If you’re a prime membership and a casual clients, you will get at the most speedy way .

How You Pay

There’s no surprise that customer expectations for speed, ease of use and variety of choice at the checkout page on their sites are on the rise once again.

In order to satisfy customers like you, and reduce their shopping cart abandonment rate.

Most modern online payment services offer easy-to-use, fast and secure ways to pay – the bare bones of what’s expected from payment providers.

Based on the market, payments are flexible, they offer Online Payment Services.Here’s a list of some of the most popular online payment services:

You can payment online by Paypal, Bitcoin, Western Union, Bank transfer, and Credit card.

We would suggest to get a Bitcoin account by Coinbase App, you can Youtube search to learn how to do it.

Potential Risk

When you figure out all the factors above, and prepare youself to start the order, you are advised to know the risks of getting one online. Now because most of the cards are shipped from overseas, there will be some potential Border Control issues, though there are millions of pacakgings flying into US; Chances are extremely slim to get seized, but it happens.

So what do you know about it?

Say you’re an American students looking to buy an ID to California. Not only do you have to make sure that the shipment departs and arrives on time and at the right place, with handlers there to assume responsibility of the goods shipped, but you must also take into account the possibility of damage, loss, and theft.

A negotiation and a deal with the seller will help a lot, which can help you avoid the nightmare of having your IDs held up at customs at your money spent away.

We would suggest to get a promise from them to reprint and reship if your cards are seized.

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