The Shady Business of Fake IDs Explained

The forgery business has been a pain in the authority’s necks for nearly the past century. The internet has only allowed the business to bloom.
The fake ID market is believed to have started in mainland China. However, since the market has expanded, fakes could come from around the world.

In the past, fake IDs were easier to make since it was easy to replicate simple paper IDs. Nowadays, however, ID card manufacturers have introduced improved security measures that make it harder to replicate the templates but not impossible.

Alcoholism: Main Source of Fake IDs

A significant percent of the alcohol that is produced in a single year is purchased by underage high school and college students. The age limit is defined by each state and ranges from 18 years in some states and goes up to 21 in many states. It is somewhat considered a rite of passage for an individual who has not reached the legal age limit to consume alcohol through any means necessary.

There are approximately tens of millions of students who go to college while they are under the age limit set by their state. Consumption of alcohol in college, especially at parties, is the norm in the United States. The age limit does not stop college kids from getting their hands on alcoholic products such as beer and wine.

These days, designing a fake ID is more of an art. Fake ID designers take pride in their implementation of official IDs with more and more complex security measures being introduced by the government. Counterfeit IDs have kept their pace and have been matching real IDs. In some cases, they exactly match the quality of a genuine ID.

One security measure taken by real ID makers to curb the use of fake IDs is the implementation of 3D layers. They are put onto pretty much every ID card, regardless of state. Every ID has a 3-dimensional implementation of paper and custom-made plastic cards. Each layer shines and reflects light differently depending on the manufacturing process.

Fake ID creators have kept up with this measure by improving their machinery and card-making process. The internet has allowed fake ID manufacturers to form a platform where they can offer their services easily while staying anonymous. This has made it easier for millions to get access to forgery services from around the world. Today, getting a fake ID is as easy as ordering groceries online.

Why People Use Fake IDs?

The fake ID market mostly branched out of the United States where there is a higher age limit for some basic adult rights. These include the right to consume alcohol and be able to visit night clubs and bars.

The age limit is different in different states, but it usually ranges from 18-21 years. Teenagers under the age limit get around this rule by getting fake IDs. If they can obtain a quality fake, they can purchase whatever they want that is unavailable to them due to their age.

Do Fake IDs Really Work?

In some cases, fake IDs do match or outperform real IDs in terms of quality. However, this is rarely the case for most fakes used in college. The alcohol providers at college campuses barely check to see the difference between actual and fake IDs.

They are notorious for allowing the use of fakes so much so that even mediocre fake IDs are accepted. The argument here is that they are not trained and neither are they required to be. They just need to check ID to confirm whether a person is of age or not.

Fake ids can bypass scanners

They can fool even scanners that are specifically designed to tell the difference at a microscopic level. This just shows how advanced the fake ID market is. In some cases, even obvious underage minors with mediocre fake IDs are allowed in because the owners know these minors will spend money on their products and they are unwilling to turn away paying customers.

How Are Fake IDs Purchased from Online Sellers?

The bogus IDs market is a discreet marketplace. There are limited verified sellers who are actually qualified to sell quality fakes that can pass any test. The industry standard is set by the government that issues the actual national and state IDs for its citizens. Fake ID providers do their best to replicate this design and sell to their customer base.

People who want to buy fake IDs from verified sellers can choose the template they want according to the state and type of ID and place their order. When it comes to making the payment, they need to have access to cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin to protect their identity.

The use of cryptocurrencies is a new feature in this trade, which allows people to easily purchase such products without any oversight. Cryptocurrencies cannot be tracked. They don’t have any central system and are dependent on their supporters and users. The digital wallet used to store bitcoins can only be accessed by the person who owns it. Everyone else is completely closed off.

Cryptocurrencies ensure that the transaction is not tracked, and the identities and personal information of both the buyer and the seller remain private and inaccessible by anyone else. This closed system is how buyers and sellers stay anonymous.

One of the obvious issues that existed before cryptocurrencies was that it was not easy for minors to send money through foreign exchanges. The industry quickly transferred to crypto-based currencies to further increase the level of anonymity and accessibility.

Bitcoin is one digital currency based on the crypto model. It was developed to facilitate the blockchain structure that was formed when cryptocurrencies were just beginning to take up market share.

The Demand of the Fake ID Market

The primary customers of fake ID manufacturers are college or high school students who are unable to obtain alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine for their pleasure. Fakes are also required to buy marijuana in states where it is legal to consume it but requires buyers to have a valid ID and be of age.

Studies show that approximately 60% of college and high school students consume alcoholic products every day. This creates a large demand for fake IDs for those who have yet to cross the age limit set by the state government.
It is no secret that the demand for fake IDs is at its peak and is expected to beat its own record in the coming years with more and more underage students expected to go to college.

The primary issue that arises from this high demand is that unverified service providers who know nothing about the false ID manufacturing process start to sell their services to customers who have little to no experience in buying fakes. Most of them are extremely naïve and can easily fall prey to scammers. They might lose their money, waste precious time and be demoralized into thinking that there is no way to get around these rules.

The Dark Side of the Fake ID Market

Any industry that is highly lucrative and has an extremely wide customer base is bound to have a few service providers that only exist to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

Fortunately, there are some recognizable features of unverified sellers, which allow buyers to recognize them and be able to find trusted sellers who have a good reputation among the general customer base.

Which Are Unverified Websites?

Every marketplace, be it legal or illegal, has service providers who are considered to be unverified. This term basically refers to the lack of trust in these sellers. They give the fake ID business its “shady” moniker.

The number one threat to the reputation of the fake ID marketplace is the involvement of online scammers who only know how to do one thing, and that is to scam people. Scammers use smart ways to attract buyers and are known to take advantage of regular people who are looking to purchase counterfeit IDs.

They usually demand a payment without giving much information about the product you are purchasing and will leave you hanging when you reach out to them. This is why it is best to buy from verified sellers.

Which are Verified Websites?

One of the most fascinating sides of the fraudulent ID industry is the existence of verified sellers who have a good reputation among their customer base.

There is usually a large customer base for these sellers. It basically means that they have produced so many fake IDs and have had so many customers that they have become unofficially verified sellers who can be trusted to provide a quality fake.

There is no industry standard for a counterfeit ID. The standards are created by the real ID makers. It is up to the fake license sellers if they opt for those standards or not. Verified sellers earn their reputation by adhering to these standards and making a fake that will pass any sort of scrutiny.

A fake ID is as easy to get online as a T-shirt in the middle of summer. It is a commodity in college and is often termed a must-have for any student. Friends discuss their use of fraudulent IDs as if they were discussing a movie. Even though many states are taking steps to limit the effectiveness of IDs, it is nearly impossible to curb the spread of the industry, especially considering how large and powerful its customer base is.

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