Description: The Tennessee Fake ID is made with Teslin material, it is very flexible compared to PVC IDs. They have a 1D and 2D barcode on the back. There may be a REAL ID star or a “Not for Federal ID” message, both are correct.

Printing Material: We make the Tennessee fake id is made with the same material the DMV uses to issue its licenses. We use Teslin with a PET laminate and the OVI Embedded.

Term: The Tennessee ID has a expiration date of 8 years from the issue date. If you get your ID renewed then it’s 5 years. So either 8 years of 5 years will work and be valid.

Security FeaturesHas the correct 3 color OVI on the front in the shape of State Seal, Music Notes, State Outline.
Will pass blacklight test, UV ink incorporated in the OVI.
Encoded barcode ensure that it will pass scanners.
The header on the top of the ID has landmark illustrations.
The state seal and the logos of music are in an overlay

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