Indiana fake ID card Indiana fake ID card

Indiana fake ID card

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The true identification symbol on the Indiana ID card is a black circle with a white star inside. This black circle is different from the gold circle on most real ID cards in other states.
Unlike many other ID cards in the United States, Indiana ID cards are labeled. These words are written in orange ink.
Under the golden window frame is a raised birthday date, and to the left of the date is a blue racing design.
At the bottom of the card, there is a micro print that can easily be overlooked if not taken seriously.
The design of OVI features the letters “DL” and images of the Indiana Capitol building, which can be seen from different angles under different lighting conditions.
The bottom of the card adopts a rectangular design, with the words “Indiana” in the middle and the state motto “American Crossroads” below. Next to the motto, write the outline of the country in small font on a white background.
Under ultraviolet radiation, the DL below the ID card photo will emit blue light. Above the State Capitol building, there is the word “Indiana” written. Four stars shine on the top of the State Capitol building, resembling the pattern of the Indiana flag, with a golden torch burning.

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